About Yum Cha Together

"Yum Cha Together" is a social enterprise that hosts yum cha events for social good, with the mission of inheriting cate and love to the community through dim sum culture. We create a unique platform to connect the society (public, corporations, students, organizations) with under-resourced charitable organizations and their beneficiaries through visits and yum cha events. We embed GIVE AND TAKE element to empower beneficiaries to shine by demonstrating their expertise at the events, to increase their social recognition and self-confidence. As the same time, participants can also experience the joyful and unique experience of helping others.

Upcoming public events
Our partners, beneficiary organizations
It was a truly humbling experience. These are real stories of courage, and so close to us. Please let the beneficiaries know that they are real role models for other people. They should feel extremely proud about their transformation and should spread their stories…Lawyers are not in any way superior and really are normal human-beings, we feel very honoured to be friends and partners with them.
Managing Partner of an international law firm
Good Citizenship Awards - we recognised projects that made a positive impact in the community. The Dim Sum Toys Workshop (organized by social enterprise Yum Cha Together and Toy Library Elderly was voted as the sole winner by our Citizenship committee
A multinational professional company
We need to re-define the meaning of charity work with Give and Take element
A mutinational financial company
It was a wonderful experience offered by Yum Cha Together, the event offered a chance for participants from all walks of life to communicate and understand underprivileged using local food culture as a medium, in a fun and casual way.
A corporate volunteer
We feel the love and care from the public through Yum Cha Together event, we hope this could be organized every year.
Beneficiaries of a charitable organisation
We are very happy, never thought of sharing our stories could inspire others. Now we have strong confidence in keeping our spirit and work.
Beneficiaries of a chartiable organisation
The entire event was full of fun, everyone are open to share their stories. Joining Yum Cha Together can help me to relax.
Caring Tea Patrons (public participants)