Social Situation

70% of charities in Hong Kong are small or medium size organizations. They work tirelessly focusing on local community, solving the social problems with innovative approach. But due to lack of visibility and resources, they struggle to survive every day. Thus, the beneficiaries they serve are even more vulnerable.

Moreover, in 1983, “whether a family could go yum cha with friends regularly” had defined as the standard of poverty by local social worker expert. A study by Hong Kong Council of Social Service in 2011 indicted that “going yum cha once in a while” is necessary for Hong Kong lifestyle. However, because of poverty, physical or mental disabilities, as well as lack of self-esteem, the underprivileged minority would avoid social events, causing them easily being isolated by the society and lack of social capital.

Yum Cha

"Yum Cha", is an integral part of the Cantonese culinary culture. In 2016, the phrase made it into the Oxford English Dictionary. The round table is a traditional culture that reflects the inclusiveness of the Chinese people and is easy to communicate with each other. The food in the dim sum cage brings out the beauty of sharing and equality. Chopsticks symbolize the achievement of things through cooperation. In the past, yum cha was a good place for making good things happen (such as date matching, business deals, job hunting, etc.), and people from different backgrounds could communicate in a relaxed environment.

"Yum Cha Together" is a social enterprise that hosts yum cha events as a matchmaker, with the mission of inheriting care and love to the community through dim sum culture. We create a unique platform to connect the society (public, corporations, students, organizations) with under-resourced charitable organizations and their beneficiaries through visits and yum cha events. We embed GIVE AND TAKE element to empower beneficiaries to shine by demonstrating their expertise at the events, to increase their social recognition and self-confidence. As the same time, participants can also experience the joyful and unique experience of helping others.

Yum Cha
Inherit Food Culture
Yum Cha Together, inherits care and love to the community through local food culture.
It was a wonderful experience offered by Yum Cha Together, the event offered a chance for participants from all walks of life to communicate and understand beneficiaries using local food culture as medium, in a fun and casual way
Caring Tea Patrons (public participants)
It was one of the most novel, meaningful and enjoyable charity events I have attended in recent years. The way we took part in the rehabilitation process is encouraging and rewarding. I am sure everyone who joined went home not just with tired legs and a full stomach, but also a nice memory of the meaningful event. Thanks “Yum Cha Together” again for organizing this for us.
Managing Partner of a professional company (corporation)
We are blessed by many participants (Caring Tea Patrons) brought by Yum Cha Together, they support us by sponsoring our kids’education programs, by utilizing their strengths to teach our underprivileged kids, so that they have better chance to learn English
Founder of a small charitable organisation