LORD X ISS Ethnic Minority- Snowy mooncake for social inclusion

To celebrate upcoming Mid-Autumn festival, Yum Cha Together organized snowy mookcake making workshop with volunteers from LORD Corporation and ethnic minority members of International Social Service Hong Kong. All of us gathered together in a joyful afternoon to make our own snowy mooncakes. A first ever experience for many of us.

Ms. Iona Chow was the mooncake instructor. All volunteers, the children and parents followed Iona's detailed instructions from the shaping of the filling to molding of the mooncake and the final design with personal touch. Volunteers not only helped with mooncake making but also translating for those ethic minority members. Everyone could not wait and try the tasty mooncake immediately. Many of us brought back some for their friends and family to celebrate at home.

How can we have a Yum Cha Together event without dim sum! Dishes such as siu mai, beef buns were served where it was a first for those ethnic minority. In exchange, they had brought dishes from their own culture to share with volunteers, including samosa, luban, masala. It was certainly a potluck with embracing cultural inclusion.

It was certainly a delightful afternoon with delicious food, endless conversations, but more importantly, new bonds formed between families, friends, volunteers of different culture.  Yum Cha Together, through dim sum events, connect people with different walks of life to bring social inclusion.