Tahoe Life Insurance x Glorious Light: Cross-Generation Get-Together for Mid-Autumn Festival

Tahoe Life Insurance x Glorious Light

Cross-Generation Get-Together for Mid-Autumn Festival 

“Mooncakes are tasty and those made by ourselves are even tastier!”

On the Eve of Mid-Autumn Festival, a group of the elderly from Glorious Light Neighborhood Center and volunteers from Tahoe Life Insurance Company Limited had a chance to experience how true the above statement was through a snowy mooncake workshop organized by Yum Cha Together.

It was the first time of making snowy mooncakes for most of the participants. Under the clear and detailed instructions by the instructor Ms. Iona Chow, the participants learned how to make snowy mooncakes with a healthy filling of mashed purple sweet potatoes highlighted with a hint of ginger juice. They weighed the ingredients, shaped the skin and the filling, and moulded the mooncakes. In the workshop, the participants not only compared how beautiful their masterpieces were but also shared their stories of Mid-Autumn Festival. The whole workshop was simply filled with joyful laugher!

After the mooncake-making “workout”, it was time for all participants to recharge. The participants headed to a Chinese restaurant where they enjoyed delicious dim sum and continued their cheerful sharing. The elderly expressed that they had never expected so much fun in mooncake-making whereas the volunteers reflected that they were so impressed by how sociable and adorable the elderly were! Mid-Autumn Festival signifies reunion and getting together. The workshop was definitely a meaningful cross-generation get-together right before the Festival.